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At the Florida Medical Marijuana Certification Center (FLMMCC), qualified patients can obtain the physician’s certification necessary for the legal use of medical marijuana.

Our Florida State Licensed Doctors will review your medical records for a “FREE Pre-Qualification”. Only qualified patients with specific conditions can obtain a medical marijuana certification if approved for the legal use of medical cannabis in Florida.

Amendment 2 was passed in November 2016 legalizing Medical Cannabis in Florida.  The amendment qualifies patients with certain conditions to obtain a medical marijuana registry card and purchase marijuana from licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

It was a relief to visit with compassionate doctors that care. A very professional staff. Helpful and informative. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Florida Marijuana Card. Thank you.

Morgan L.
Morgan L.

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Florida Amendment 2: Qualifying Conditions

The legal language of Amendment 2 was written to explicitly allow medical marijuana to be provided as a treatment for patients with the following specific diseases:

Severe Back Pain – Chronic Pain – Severe Muscle Spasms – Migraines – Arthritis – Cancer – Anorexia – Glaucoma – Seizures – Epilepsy – HIV/AIDS – Crohn’s – ALS – Multiple Sclerosis – Parkinson’s – Muscular Dystrophy – Severe Fibromyalgia – (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  – (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Marijuana Doctors in Florida

Get pre-qualified for free. Start here to complete the necessary online forms, and upon your submission our doctors will review your medical records to confirm you qualify.

Marijuana Doctors in Florida

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Marijuana Doctors in Florida

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Marijuana Doctors in Florida

Check your status online. State approval can take a few days to process. Check the status of your FL State online application and keep up with your approval process.

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Our company has been certifying patients for Medical Marijuana since 2007 in Michigan and Arizona. The video you are about to watch has testimonials from a few of our Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients that have received palliative benefits from using Medical Marijuana for many years. Our Miami, Florida Marijuana Doctor Clinics can help you receive the marijuana certifications subject to Florida laws only.

Being the top Medical Marijuana Doctor in Miami, FLMMCC can help you start to become a legal Florida Marijuana Card Holder. There are many choices in finding a successful Marijuana Doctor in Florida and we look forward to serving you.


Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

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Must be a permanent Florida resident. If a patient is under the age of 18, a second physician must agree ...

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Florida Low-THC Marijuana Program

The Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 1030 and was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott on June 16, 2014 known as “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014.”


The Act authorizes Licensed Florida Doctors under Chapter 458 and Chapter 459 of Florida Statutes to order low-THC marijuana products for qualified patients.


Qualified patients may obtain low-THC cannabis oil and derivative products by receiving a certification from a physician, and then filling that patient certification with one of the state’s five approved Dispensing Organizations.

The Florida Low-THC Medical Marijuana Program

The Florida Department of Health has approved five dispensing organizations to cultivate process and dispense low-THC marijuana oil and derivative products to qualified patients that have obtained a marijuana certification from a Florida Marijuana Doctor. These nurseries are now in the process of setting up their Low-THC Marijuana Cultivation Facilities.

The approved Dispensing Organizations are:

Northwest Region:

Hackney Nursery (Gadsden County)

Northeast Region:

Chestnut Hill Tree Farm (Alachua County)


Knox Nursery (Orange County)

Southwest Region:

Alpha Surterra (Hillsborough County)

Southeast Region:

Costa Nursery (Miami Dade County)


We can help you gain the legal certification needed for medical marijuana.

Amendment 2 Green Card Requirements

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Florida MMJ Laws Information

You must be a Florida resident and have a State issued driver license or valid Florida Photo Id to qualify for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

Florida MMJ Card

You must be over the age of 18 to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in the State of Florida. State issued  identification with your photo is required.

MMJ Florida Marijuana Cards

Your recent medical records must be reviewed by our doctors under the Florida State Medical Marijuana Laws and must have a qualifying medical condition.

Marijuana Laws Florida

After our Doctors review your medical records within the last 12 months, you will be Pre-Certified before your appointment. Don’t have your records? We can help get them for you.

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Florida Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics (

All doctors at FLMMCC have received the necessary training to certify Florida medical marijuana patients by successfully completing an 8‐hour course offered by either the Florida Medical Association or the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. The course encompasses the clinical indications for the appropriate use of low‐THC cannabis, the appropriate delivery mechanisms, the contraindications for such use, as well as the relevant state and federal laws governing the ordering, dispensing, and possessing of this substance. The physician must successfully pass an examination upon completion of the course.

Our fully licensed Florida medical marijuana doctors conduct their legal and ethical duties in full compliance with Florida Medical Marijuana Certification guidelines.

Our Focus is on Compassion

We focus our service on compassion and respect for patient privacy. We understand that some patients are reluctant to try medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional medications. However, countless patients have found the use of medical marijuana effective as a therapeutic drug for cancer treatment and other medical conditions. For people suffering from glaucoma, marijuana has been proven to reduce intraocular pressure along with other medical marijuana benefits.